Last updated March 30, 2021

What is Popdog?

Is Popdog a new streaming service?

Someone has my unique username tied to my Twitch, what can I do?

Do I have to leave Twitch/YouTube?

I have a copyrighted name / I am a registered esports team and our copyrighted name is taken, what can I do?

Can I connect my Facebook Gaming profile?

Can I connect my OnlyFans?

Is Popdog free?

Can I use Popdog on my mobile device?

I have some feedback, where can I send it?

Can I change my username later?

Can I make my Popdog profile private?

Can I run Popdog on Mac? (Linux, etc)

I came across a video that violates Popdog community guidelines, what can I do?

My Popdog account was compromised, what can I do?